Multi-branded business model

Our business model sets us apart from the rest of the staffing industry.

Multi-branded model

We use different brands to target different segments of the market. Each brand has specific expertise and knowledge of their market so understand the requirements of clients and candidates alike and allows them to attack the market vertically rather than horizontally. We offer a quality value added service, helping provide solutions to clients. Our market expertise also helps us attract candidates which is increasingly important as a lot of our markets suffer from talent shortages. As brands become successful in their domestic markets we are able to internationalise them across various geographies.

Management Equity philosophy

Management Equity means that managers who are responsible for running a business have a direct ownership in their business, making them highly incentivised to grow their profits into the long-term, so aligning their interests with the other shareholders. It attracts entrepreneurial people with ambition, who recognise that to grow significantly it would be beneficial to use the infrastructure of a larger group and share the gains. The subsidiary managers, who have the in-depth knowledge and expertise in their markets, have operational responsibility for their businesses and commercial autonomy, but they also have the security and financial backing of being part of a Group. We operate a highly decentralised structure, with a small head office team focussed on strategy, financial reporting and corporate governance.

Focus on Growth Markets

The Group is focused on growth markets, whether this is country or sector based. We have a large exposure to emerging staffing markets in Asia, Latin America and Continental Europe. Our operations in Continental Europe are primarily in Germany and Finland. Our sector specialism is in markets with long term growth prospects.

Operational bias towards temporary recruitment

We have an overall bias for temporary recruitment. This is generally expected to be more stable throughout the economic cycle and there is an increasing trend for clients to want flexible staffing solutions and use staff for specific project work.

In emerging staffing markets where there are typically low levels of staffing regulations, traditional temporary staffing does not exist and is characterised by low margin payroll services. In these markets we provide permanent recruitment services.

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